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hi guys

2010-05-20 03:03:55 by doodleboy63

Hi guys and girls my first thing I want to do is get one medal from every game that has them so yeah I chat only to the ones that do want to talk to me oh one more thing i reply all pm.

Do you now that i like.......... PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hi again

2010-04-06 21:03:23 by doodleboy63

um anyone that look at my profile send me a message so I now that you are.

i rock

2010-02-02 01:31:31 by doodleboy63

zzz hah zzzzzzzzz hah zzzzzzzz hah zzzzzzzzz oh what
you are and me is
doodleboy 63 i like mario and sonic but most i love ng lots plz be my friend if you now mario and sega ow i lovvvvvvvve blobs lots love im on roblox will64 thats me club peguin Blob6644 and this doodleboy63.

this is leo my made up stick man I have made comic about him three one leo big wolrd to a small bomb
two leo this the saveing stick three leo the all star.

i rock